SD Images
Steve left us all in the Autumn of 2017 - no more will his sense of humour pervade the countryside of the North West. He has gone to a better place.... a place of almost endless sunshine, hawfinch, Little Owls and Hoopoe in the garden - a place where the cranes rest up on the migratory flights in the surrounding fields of his place in France.
Margaret J Walker
2013 BWPA category winner, Margaret has a real talent of capturing the fauna of the Cairngorms. Dedicated to capturing images of the wildlife in the environment her website has a host of special and memorable images.
If you have not been - then go - but always keep the camera to hand and don't tell too many people about it !!!
David Walker's Website
David puts a lot of time effort and planning into his photography and it pays dividends. His latest project a hide deep in the forests of the Cairngorms attracts all the species that most simply want to see - the next step is to photograph them all. Great company to be out for a day or two with - and does a decent breakfast as well. David has changed his site and gone Wordpress
Roy's Flickr stream
A great and varied selection of wildlife images - a man with a passion for wildlife and winner of the Canon Europe all expenses paid trip to photograph Brown Bears in Alaska 2015.
Ian's Flickr stream
Ian the only Nikon user amongst the North West contingent - I think it was Steve who said "there has to be one" !! Ian does photography for a living - weddings and stuff and in his spare time wildlife - he has now dipped his toe into the world of Flickr.
Astland Photography
A website by Peter & Susan Wilson - with a great selection of UK wildlife - well worth the visit and look out for the Hares and Barn Owls.
"Natures Voice"
My Flickr stream
My photographs on Flickr in order of most viewed.
Canon Europe
For all "things" Canon
Simon's Flickr stream
A varied collection of wildlife images mainly from the UK - worth checking out the Bustard shots from his holiday trips.